Secondary Steel

First class potential with non-prime steel!
Norex purchases secondary steel in big lots or through regular deliveries from top-class European steel mills and stockholders. The steel arrives always in our own stock, where it is carefully inspected and sorted using Norex unique classification system. The steel is marketed and sold through Norex' own web shop. Deliveries are fast and flexible thanks to our network of stocks around the world.
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1514,164 MT
4,780 MT
13,425 MT
27,56 MT
2,08 MT
2484,900 MT
4,145 MT
6,325 MT
4508,142 MT
247,391 MT
19,960 MT
426,040 MT
44,365 MT
10,205 MT
1,186 MT
New Arrivals
CommodityThickness mmQualityCategoryNet Weight MT
CR Sheets2,50H420LAN12,295
HD Galv Coil2,49H340LAD + ZN22,08
HD Galv Coil2,15H340LAD + ZN22,44
Prepainted Slit Coil0,65H185-280LAD + ZN15,64
HD Galv Coil0,68S320GD + Z275N38,51
HD Galv Coil0,98S320GD + ZN410,14